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For those who wish to excel

egoPERFECTUS is the leader in the sector of personalised education in Latvia. This is a well-aimed choice for a person with clear goals, for the one who is result-oriented and who desires to acquire or maintain individual excellence. As we are exclusively focused on personalised training and consultations, we base our services on exact needs of an individual person or a company. The most prominent consultants and trainers work at egoPERFECTUS, the most effective and up-to-date material is used, and our original patented methodologies are applied.

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Services of personalised education

Individual language courses

We teach different foreign languages ​​in Latvia and abroad depending on the individual personal, group’s or company’s goals. Based on the egoTRACKING methodology, we identify their expectations, find the most effective learning styles and suggest the most appropriate individual language training solutions.


Higher education abroad

Professional consultations concerning the studies abroad. The egoPERFECTUS experts use the original egoMAPPING methodology that helps to identify the students’ and parents’ needs as well as choose the most appropriate options for higher education at the best universities abroad.


Career test

The original career test egoCOMPASS was developed in the UK and egoPERFECTUS is their only representative in Latvia. It is a tool that helps to identify unique personality characteristics, interests in certain activities and the most appropriate directions of specialisation. A secure path to a successful self-development.




The company egoPERFECTUS is located in the prestigious, easily accessible Old Riga part of the city.


We work according to the originally developed methodologies that help to clarify your goals and needs for a successful personal development.

training experience

We have been cooperating with many famous foreign educational partners. Therefore, you will have access to the experience of the most prestigious academic institutions abroad that are leaders when it comes to the quality of service.

of the highest competence

We employ only most recognised teachers and counsellors who are experts in their field. Most foreign language teachers are native speakers. With their help you will gain the knowledge that is most up to date.

of individual needs

We do not have one learning programme to suit everybody, as we use individual programmes only. Therefore, you will get exactly what you need to achieve and even excel your personal advantage.


We only apply individual educational programmes and the most suitable forms of learning, so that learning becomes easy and interesting as well as effective in the process of personal development.