Career test as a tool that helps to choose the future


The sixteen-year-old Gabriela comes from a family of medics. The parents expected that their only daughter Gabriela would follow in their footsteps and become a famous medical specialist. Although Gabriela was doing well in biology at school, she was not certain whether she wanted to study medicine. She was not sure yet what studies she would like to choose and what profession she would like to be in. Even though Gabriela was only 16 years old, the tension was beginning to occur in the family as the parents wanted Gabriela to purposefully seek a career in medicine and choose the advanced biology and chemistry subjects in the 11th and 12th form. However, the girl was not too keen on learning these subjects at an advanced level. She liked take pictures, language lessons.

The tension in the family encouraged them to refer to egoPERFECTUS, and the experts suggested Gabriela took the original career test egoCOMPASS. Upon the test results, a personal consultation with a professional career counsellor took place. During this consultation, the test results, analysis and recommendations for further development were presented. The test showed that Gabriela was suitable for a variety of social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, as well as management activities. In fact, she could become an excellent marketing specialist or economist. The test did not show that she could successfully excel in the medical field, however.

After talking to the career counsellor, Gabriela’s parents realised that they had put too much pressure on their daughter and that medicine was not an area where she could succeed. The test helped Gabriela to decide what she was willing and able to do in the future, and, therefore, what studies she should choose.