Consultation on the studies that dispels uncertainty


The eleventh grader Tom wanted to study abroad ‘something in the field of management’ (as he identified himself). The boy was aware that the graduation is just around the corner and it is the best time to make a choice regarding the specialty and university. Tom surfed websites of foreign universities, visited studies abroad and career fairs, but did not find the answer he needed, as there was far too much information which can only cause more confusion.

It was not clear which country would be the most accommodating and which university the most promising in the field of management. Tom’s parents saw the boy’s indecisiveness and referred him to the egoPERFECTUS experts.

First, the egoPERFECTUS experts, using the egoCOMPASS methodology, found the directions of specialisation suitable for the boy; management was among them. The next step was the egoMAPPING analysis, which helped to identify the needs and expectations of Tom and his parents. Then, Tom’s academic performance was assessed and future visions discussed. The analysis showed that both his parents and Tom himself wanted high-quality studies in a German-speaking country. The studies should also be related to hotel management.

After performing an analysis of the existing information, the experts suggested Tom the most appropriate personal development option, which was hotel management studies in Switzerland. These studies were in line with both the parents’ and Tom’s needs, vision for the future and the existing set of personal talents and skills.