Effective Norwegian language and business culture knowledge courses


A large IT company from Riga won a Norwegian company contract. It had to operate from Latvia but deal with Norwegian customers throughout the whole of Norway. This company had a similar experience in the past which failed due to the lack of cultural and organisational awareness as well as linguistic competence.
This time, the company’s HR department with a strategic unit decided to prepare better for the new project. They ordered the egoPERFECTUS Norwegian language courses. First, the experts from egoPERFECTUS using the egoTRACKING methodology established the expected language learning circumstances, actual goals and allocation of resources. It turned out that the company from Riga not only aimed to teach the staff the basics of the Norwegian language, but also wanted to gain knowledge of the cultural differences between the countries.

egoPERFECTUS presented a proposal that met all the needs of the customer. A native-speaking Norwegian language teacher came to Latvia for two months. He taught the language on the company’s lunch break. The classes were held in the form of a conversation in Norwegian and English, and the teacher told stories about the Norwegian mentality, customs, and culture of communication. The use of two languages ​​made it easier to communicate, which brought the team closer together. Within two months, the staff learnt the basic Norwegian language structures. There was also a team building event planned which took place in both countries and during which the two companies presented each other’s homelands in Norwegian. The company egoPERFECTUS did not only solve the primary problem of the HR department, but also helped to strengthen the strategic cooperation between the two companies.