Exchange programme in the United States – the discovery of new hobbies


The parents of Alexander, Grade 10 student, were very concerned about his future. They wanted to give Alexander opportunities to learn and improve. However, Alexander was quite passive and inactive, and it seemed that he did not care about his future whatsoever. He lacked motivation to learn, his academic achievements were disappointing, he found school boring and had no interests other than programming. Therefore, the majority of his time was spent in front of the computer playing games, surfing the Internet or programming. Parents approached egoPERFECTUS hoping to find ways that would motivate their son to learn and engage in the extracurricular activities.

egoPERFECTUS experts, using the egoMAPPING methodology, analysed the parental expectations in relation to Alexander. This was followed by consultations with Alexander involving a teenagers’ psychologist, where they uncovered his motivational problems, needs, existing talents and unique qualities. According to the needs of Alexander and his parents, egoPERFECTUS experts suggested a half-year exchange programme in the US in a New York high school, which had a broad range of extracurricular activities related to the IT field.

Half a year later, Alexander returned completely transformed. His English and social skills had improved; he had become more open, communicative, and independent. Alexander had found new friends and a new hobby -basketball. But most importantly, after returning to Latvia, he began to think about professional aspects of the​​ IT sector. His academic achievements improved, he became less shy, had more motivation and even came to realisation that the time spent playing computer games could be used much more productively.