Exclusive business English on the phone


A successful business owner in and outside Latvia had the basic knowledge of English: he understood English well, spoke the language quite well, but with no visual information found it difficult to communicate on the phone.

The businessman, in search of a learning solution, turned to the company egoPERFECTUS. After using the egoTRACKING methodology, our experts identified the final goals of the client which were to improve listening, understanding, and phone communication skills in 3 months. It turned out that the person could devote only 2 hours per week to studying and he was not willing to do any homework. However, he was more than happy to pay as much money as necessary to attain the desired results.

The company egoPERFECTUS offered a targeted proposal: the director received calls from different teachers every day, during which both parties had to reach a defined objective. The director had to convey the necessary information and receive data from the teacher, who did not know the objective of the speaker prior to the conversation. Two fifteen-minute conversations took place every day. Each conversation was recorded and the main teacher summarised the information. The most important points were discussed with the client during an hour-long meeting every Friday.

Within 3 months, the director gained courage, learnt typical expressions and became proficient in listening, articulating, communicating the necessary information and receiving it. This enhanced his skills as well as confidence, which made a positive impact on his business.