Learning process adapted to the student’s learning style


The fifth grader Ralph is an agile and active child. He plays basketball and has a lot of friends with whom he likes to spend time outdoors. However, the parents noticed that their son’s academic achievements were quite poor. They tried a lot of different approaches to help their child to study better: they paid for extra lessons, tried various motivational games and programmes. However, nothing changed as Ralph was still only concerned with basketball and games with friends.

The boy’s parents turned to egoPERFECTUS. The company’s experts, using the egoTRACKING methodology, analysed the needs of the parents, determined the aspects raising the child’s motivation, his learning style and offered additional lessons with the professional core subjects tutors.

The tutors presented the learning material in a fun form, taking into account the child’s learning style. They used mostly visual material (as the child’s memory is visual) and relied on the examples of basketball. After six months of intensive and consistent work, the academic achievements of Saulius improved, the boy found the motivation to learn and progress.