Opportunities for the secondary education and tennis in New Zealand


Kristaps, son of Latvian businessmen, is a particularly talented outdoor tennis player. Having started his training at the age of 5, he made a tremendous progress. According to his coaches his fine physique, hard work and passion to play made him a very promising sportsman with a bright athlete’s future. However, exercise and sport took almost all of the boy’s time and had a negative impact on his academic performance.

When Kristaps’ parents approached egoPERFECTUS, they were looking to achieve balance between sports and academics. egoPERFECTUS experts, using the egoMAPPING methodology, established the psychological type of the boy, evaluated his aspirations and desires and then selected the best-suited gymnasiums from all around the world.

Parents wanted to find an academically strong gymnasium with a good outdoor tennis team, excellent infrastructure and qualified coaches. The family was offered a great school in New Zealand with a focused on tennis. Everything was adapted to outdoor tennis in this establishment; moreover, sport here did not preclude learning, and learning did not exist at the expense of sports. The lesson time was combined with the training time, so there were no exams or tests ever overlapping with the tournament periods. In this school, everything was balanced in a way that students could develop their targeted abilities.

While studying in the gymnasium in New Zealand, Kristaps continued to successfully improve as a tennis player, and not only did he acquire new skills, but also improved his academic achievements and motivation. Suitable conditions enabled him to reconcile sport with academic activities and achieve good results in both areas.