Personalised education

Personalised education is a teaching model which enables the fulfilment of one’s potential and helps to acquire an advantageous expertise in personal development.

Overview of the services

What is personalised education?

Personalised education is implemented through teaching techniques, academic strategies and programmes which are aimed at the student’s individual needs, interests, and socio-cultural background. It is used as an alternative to a more conventional way of teaching when one programme is prepared and applied to all learners as a pattern without much concern for individual priorities and abilities. Personalised education, on the other hand, focuses its teaching style and general approach on the personality of a student which undeniably fastens the learning process. Programmes are developed only after discussing the aims and goals with the student. Once the learning process begins, the student’s progress is constantly monitored and further steps are coordinated accordingly.

What are the benefits of personalised education?

As every student possesses different personality traits, communication skills and different approach to learning, the teaching process must differ, too. Therefore, the best results are generated through the programmes of personalised education.

According to the famous educational scientist Malcolm S. Knowles, for learning to be effective, an appropriate psychological approach to not only students’ personal traits but also their age and social role is crucial. Once these factors are taken into consideration, the learning process gains meaning which increases motivation and effectiveness. After all, people are engaged in learning process more when they perceive the given tasks as real life situations and problem-solving methods as well as see clear benefits. By selecting the most suitable learning style, successful results can be achieved much quicker and easier.

What makes personalised education exceptional?

Personalised education is different to the conventional individual teaching in its holistic approach. No other approach focuses so much on the student’s feelings, areas of curiosity, questions concerned with reasoning and foremost the person’s ultimate goals. The learner is not only involved in the teaching process, but also contributes to the development of the programme as the teaching style is determined by the student’s personality traits and needs.

Elements of personalised education:

  • Learner profile creation. Education specialists assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluate their previous learning experience, help to set goals and determine the most appropriate motivational approaches. All these stages shape the learner’s profile.
  • Selection of personalised learning paths. According to the personality traits and the determined objectives each learner sets out on the path of learning that is most suitable to him/her.
  • Creation of good atmosphere and comfortable learning environment. When studying such elements as positive environment, suitable time and encouraging teaching style are vital.
  • Progress evaluation. Clear objectives help to stay focused. With the progress of a student the aims might shift as well. Therefore, we constantly monitor and respond not only to the learner’s ability to implement the newly introduced information but also the newly discovered ambitions.

What do egoPERFECTUS aim for?

By combining forces of the best professionals with the decades of experience egoPERFECTUS opened up opportunities for a new wave of education in Latvia, which uses the personalised approach to teaching and learning. We believe that personal success is inseparable from one’s individuality and originality. Only personalised education can help one not only to reveal and develop the greatest language skills, but also achieve individual excellence.

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Services of personalised education

Individual language courses

We teach different foreign languages ​​in Latvia and abroad depending on the individual personal, group’s or company’s goals. Based on the egoTRACKING methodology, we identify their expectations, find the most effective learning styles and suggest the most appropriate individual language training solutions.


Higher education abroad

Professional consultations concerning the studies abroad. The egoPERFECTUS experts use the original egoMAPPING methodology that helps to identify the students’ and parents’ needs as well as choose the most appropriate options for higher education at the best universities abroad.


Career test

The original career test egoCOMPASS was developed in the UK and egoPERFECTUS is their only representative in Latvia. It is a tool that helps to identify unique personality characteristics, interests in certain activities and the most appropriate directions of specialisation. A secure path to a successful self-development.



Professional subject tutors, using the original egoTRACKING methodology, establish the most acceptable learning style which is also accompanied with the list of subjects promoting motivation. They prepare an individual learning programme adapted to a particular student.


Secondary education abroad

The experience of the professional consultants, cooperation with prestigious secondary schools around the world and the egoMAPPING methodology allow us to offer the best secondary education and exchange opportunities for students. Students’ individual characteristics, abilities and needs are the prime focus when selecting the options.


Language camps abroad

Language camps abroad are great for learning a foreign language and for personal development. We collaborate with the organisers of best language camps around the world that follow the same egoMAPPING methodology. We are confident that we can offer the most appropriate camps abroad for the development of children and adolescents.