Specialised English language camp that teaches painting


Laura is a talented 16-year-old teenager who attended art school from the age of 6. She devotes most of her time to drawing and painting, something she cannot imagine her life without. With summer approaching, Laura began to think about the possible fun ways to spend time that would also include painting. Unfortunately, the art school is closed during the summer.

Parents supported their daughter’s wishes, but they were also worried about her academic achievements, especially the English language which the girl struggled with most. Therefore, they contacted egoPERFECTUS with a request to find the best way for Laura to spend the summer.

egoPERFECTUS experts, after conducting the analysis of the client’s needs using the egoMAPPING methodology, offered Laura the best way to have a fun and productive summer – one of the best English language and drawing camps in London that brought together students from all over the world. Here they improved both their English language and their drawing skills. With the help of the egoPERFECTUS experts, Laura spent her summer perfectly. She improved her English skills, made friends with peers from around the world, got introduced to new drawing and painting techniques, improved her drawing skills, and even visited the most famous painting galleries and museums in England.

After the camp, Laura’s knowledge of English had strengthened. Her grades in English at school improved, and the experience from the camp encouraged Laura to organise her first exhibition.