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Rytis Jurkėnas

  /  Rytis Jurkėnas

Professional career consultant, owner of the group of educational companies “Kalba”, which includes “Kalba.Lt”, “Kalba.Lv” and “Ego perfectus” both in Lithuania and Latvia.

"We live in a rapidly changing world; therefore, it is essential to keep improving yourself in order to be successful. My strategy is to learn something new for as long as I live, as it is not only amusing but could also be pleasurable. Being a qualified medical doctor, I also have a diploma in management. I am an entrepreneur, and consulting on professional career is my true passion. Career consultations through advanced methods and tests help a person to choose the most appropriate path for future career.

I came to realisation a long time ago that in order to be the best at what you do you have to progress. For that reason, I personally have visited more than a 100 universities and secondary schools worldwide, thoroughly analysed educational systems and teaching methods in highly developed countries. Global market shows that everyone is an individual with a unique set of knowledge and abilities. When it comes to knowledge, the situation is quite clear – it stands as a priority and most of the teaching time is dedicated to passing it on. Unfortunately, very often a person’s abilities are neglected during this process. This is where the secret of a career lies: discovering the strengths and enhancing them through individually prepared training methods and systems.

Personalised education, which aims for an individual excellence, is the foundation of a successful career."