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Global Secondary Education Fair

The exhibition took place in October 2019 in Vilnius and Kaunas. We thank everyone who came to learn more about secondary education and exchange opportunities in foreign schools. We are looking forward to you in our upcoming exhibition. We will present you global Secondary Education opportunities and foreign summer camps‘ programs.

Courtyard by Marriott Vilnius City Center

What took place in our exhibition?

Discuss your child education with secondary education professionals

This exhibition will enable you to participate in individual consultations with a variety of representatives of secondary schools from across the world. You’ll receive focused and clear information about your child’s development opportunities: how to obtain high standard international secondary education diploma, how to reveal one’s potential in a chosen area, explore new traditions and cultures, gain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge, improve foreign language skills.

Get personalized insights on your (child) learning plan

First, the expectations of the parents are discussed, their financial capabilities and then the options for secondary schools from all over the world are presented. The next step is to discuss the goals, wishes and dreams of the young ones, how they envision their development and future. We will look into whether or not the future student has already taken career tests, attended any career related courses, camps or participated in summer programmes abroad. After reviewing the gathered information, the best and most suitable offer will be presented – the one that will meet the expectations of both parents and pupils and guarantee student’s personal progress in the future.

Participate in informational lectures

During this exhibition the most up to date tendencies and nuances of secondary education will be presented. You will expand your knowledge on ‘the competences of 21st century’ and the necessity of creative education at secondary schools. You will be introduced to international opportunities that come once the international secondary school diploma is obtained. Also, you will receive useful advice on personal and family development!

Guest of the last exhibition

Why do people choose secondary education abroad?

The presentation will be given by Rytis Jurkenas, the founder of company group KALBA, a consultant on professional career, higher and secondary education abroad.

There is a significantly increasing number of parents and their children interested in higher and secondary education abroad. With that more questions about opportunities at international secondary schools arise. Find out what motivates pupils to study abroad for six months, a year or even longer and how they benefit from that.

The lecture will take place in Vilnius and Kaunas.

The competences of the 21st century

The presentation will be given by Austeja Landsbergiene, doctor of social sciences, founder of ‘Vaikystes sodas’ and ‘Karaliene Morta’ schools.

The world has changed. And so have the pupils. The time has come for the classrooms as well as the processes taking place in them to change too. According to Daniel Pink this is the end of the left brain domination era – it is overtaken by innovation and empathy – the right hemisphere is becoming the more prominent one. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how important creative approach to schooling is. Austėja will share ideas such as: ‘the time for transforming the school, not reforming it has come.’

The lecture will take place in Vilnius and Kaunas.

How to motivate oneself to study?

The presentation is given by Laura Rimkute, a psychologist, lecturer, business consultant.

It is no secret that most of us have to fight oneself every single day to motivate to study, work, complete some important tasks trusted to us. Some of us do it better, some lose this battle of motivation and end up not doing what they are supposed to (e.g. homework, extra time spent studying). Therefore the topics covered during this presentation will be as follows:

  • What the reasons behind lack of motivation are;
  • How much power to motivate oneself a person holds;
  • What the practical methods to trigger the motivation to study exist;

This presentation will give you an opportunity to engage in some easy tasks, which will provide more insight on how to increase the motivation in one’s everyday life.

The lecture will take place in Vilnius.

The following schools participated in the last exhibition, if you would like to learn more about them or get more information contact us.

Cardiff Sixth Form College
(Great Britain)

(Great Britain)

Truro School
(Great Britain)

Karalienės Mortos schools

Bosworth Independent College
(Great Britain)

The National Mathematics and Science College (Great Britain)

Leysin American School in Switzerland (Switzerland)

d'Overbroeck's Oxford
(Great Britain)

Oxford Sixth Form College
(Great Britain)

Oxford International College
(Great Britain)

Bucksmore Education
(Great Britain)

MPW Mander Portman Woodward
(Didžioji Britanija)

John Leggott College
(Great Britain)

Ellesmere College
(Great Britain)

American School in Switzerland

Mill Hill School
(Great Britain)

CATS Academy Boston
(United States of America)

Kings Education
(Great Britain)

The American International School of Vilnius (Lithuania)

Whom is this exhibition for?


who wanted to know the most up to date tendencies of secondary education abroad, be introduced to the representatives of international secondary schools abroad, learn about the necessary steps to enter the chosen school and documentation process it involves, receive an individual child’s development plan.

1st to final year pupils,

who wish to gain international experience, independence, get to know new traditions and cultures, reveal their potential in the selected field, gain theoretical and practical skills as well as improve skills of the foreign language.


which seek advice from school representatives and wish to know more about personalized education opportunities all over the world.

The benefits of secondary education

Encouraged self-awareness and tolerance

Expanded outlook

Discovery of independence and realistic approach to life

Better understanding of one’s capabilities, wishes and goals

Learning the consistency when following one’s goals

Experience gained studying abroad helps to boost successful future career.

Our friends of last exhibition

Moments from the previous year


"It was a pleasure to attend yet another successful egoPerfectus fair in Lithuania this year – the quality of the event has been consistent

throughout the years. egoPerfectus team are highly experienced and provide bespoke service to every client. Dukes Education boarding schools and summer programmes welcome Lithuanian students referred by egoPerfectus every season with many of them progressing to TOP Universities

in the UK."


Natalia Volchugova
Regional Manager for Europe, Russia and CIS
Dukes Education